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H37/1, Thorahena, Werella,
Nagolla Road, Kegalle (71000).

Dear Sir\Madam:

Requesting aid on acquiring medicine
For a kidney transplantee.

Firstly I thank you with all my heart for taking your valuable time to read my letter. If I may introduce myself, I am a youth who has had a kidney transplant. Prior to undergoing the operation I worked as an electrical technician. Since the present physical situation understandably does not, Sir\Madam, permit me to continue the occupation, my economical situation has aggravated. I am forced to spend a considerable amount of money for the frequent medical tests and the medicines on a daily basis since I am going through the initial stages immediately after the transplant.

From the first test step of recognizing the disease to transplanting a kidney, I had to expend a lot of money and I am grateful to the donor, my friends and relatives for the helping hand they extended towards me when I was in need. Thanks to all of them I have been able to come this far but in order to recover fully I am forced to request your aid.

I will be very grateful to you Sir\Madam if you can extend me a hand by providing me with these medicines in the letter attached. I take these medicines daily and I have attached the letter which indicates the importance of consuming them.

Required Medicines:-

1. Everolimus (Certican)
               This can be found in the market in 0.25mg and 0.5mg tablets.
2. Mycophenolate mofetil (Cellcept)
               This can be found in the market in 250mg capsules and 500mg tablets.

I did my G.C.E. (advanced level) in mathematics stream and I have received a vocational training on Power electrical engineering and black and white photography. In order to expand the possibilities of attaining an occupation, I am training myself in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and I would also be very grateful to you, Sir\Madame, if you could extend me a helping hand in that aspect too.

If I have subjected you to any inconvenience through this letter, I humbly beg for your forgiveness. Finally, let me convey my unreserved gratitude if you can extend me a helping hand by providing me with the medicines. I entreat you to consider it as an act of saving someone’s life.

Wish you all a happy and healthy life!

Yours faithfully,

C. Gunasekara.

Note: All the documents including medical reports can be provided if necessary.


Special Thank
Our sincere thank goes to Mr.Shamila Darshana Edirisinghe of Ruwanwella Pharmacy, Ruwanwella for donating valubale medicine for Mr.Gunasekara.

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